In my experience loot and how you choose to handle it can be the single greatest source of drama in the game. There are dozens of ways to divide up the spoils and you should certainly find one that best fits your needs.

Remember that not all systems are for everyone and that ultimately you have to decide if you want a system that protects the looting rights of longstanding members to first dibs on drops or if you prefer a system that gives even the first time raider a shot at loot. Luckily my next game has it’s own system for public quests that should help alleviate this problem by assigning participation points for said PQ and then giving everyone a chance to roll on the rewards.

However today’s lesson is simple. Regardless of what you are doing you should always make sure that people understand the rules before they set foot in your raid/instance/whatever. As you can see here:

We have someone who is somewhat upset. As a tank in a high end guild on the server he feels that he should have been able to roll on a melee DPS trinket. It really took me off guard to have this guy react this way towards off spec loot. He had come with us several times before since his current guild doesn’t do the same content that we regularly run. The joke about getting to see Gruul relates to some realm forum drama that happened when another high end guild added many non guildies for an instance run and didn’t let any of them roll for loot and claimed that simply being able to see the content was reward enough for these people.

Since he was a friend of a friend and was in high end PVE gear I really didn’t even think about going over loot rules. The boss in question that we were doing has long been farm content for us so it was mostly alts and such in the raid.

So please please please please don’t make the same mistake that I did and ALWAYS go over loot rules with PUGs in your raid.


~ by Centuri on July 18, 2008.

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