Two Week Notice

Today marks the two weeks from me letting the officers of my guild know that I would be leaving for Warhammer.  I told them that I would pretty much only be on for raids from here on out as I try and pull back from the game.  It went over surprisingly well.
I guess I fell into that fallacy that it would all come crumbling down without me there propping the guild affairs up.  Perhaps I am a bit too full of myself and I really should listen to my wife when she tells me that guild functions won’t come to a grinding halt if I fail to logon.
Simply put I do most of the recruiting, all of the raid leading, loot, manage the website, manage and moderate the forums, manage the DKP site, and handle intra guild disputes and differences that may pop up.  So yeah I tend to take quite a load onto my shoulders.  It is a personality flaw, or perhaps a virtue, that I have an inability to sit back and watch someone else do something half way when I know I can do a much better job myself.
I have seen a few people step up to handle things like the loot and recruitment.  The main thing that I am weary of is how the general membership will take things since loosing a raid leader is usually a serious blow to a raid.  Perhaps I am more replaceable than I would like to think.
Regardless the time to move on is something I am very excited about.  WoW really hasn’t been that enjoyable as a whole for probably almost a year for me.  So many of the people that I initially hand held through their first SSC raid are now clearing BT.  It is somewhat rewarding seeing them do so well but at the same time so frustrating that I was really only able to get the officers to let me turn the raid game around so late in TBC.  Luckily for them I did the groundwork so someone just has to pick it up and run with it for when WoTLK starts.  I sincerely hope that I won’t be back for that and that this particular torch will be carried by someone else.
I do look forward to having new challenges.  So far it seems that a decent amount of my current and former guildies will be at least trying out Warhammer.  I am doing what I can to talk up the Destruction classes since I want to play Destruction and run a guild there.  Yes that is correct.  Not content to sit on the sidelines I plan on running a Warhammer guild from the ground up.  I hope to recruit a good bit of players from my current WoW server that know me on both factions as well as recruit as able within the open beta.  Still haven’t decided on the name yet and I still need to look into a Ventrillo server as well as get a website and forums up and running.

~ by Centuri on July 22, 2008.

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