What’s in a name?

The process is becoming much more difficult than I thought.  Good guild names are strong and powerful, clever and witty, serious and reflective.  I have been compiling lists from everything from Warhammer lore to 1980’s pop culture to inside jokes and just tossing other random names out there.  Currently I have probably over 200 that I am still mulling over and I should have it cut down to a short list in a few weeks.


The problem that I have is two fold.  One everyone has different ideas and two I want to be somewhat original.  The more and more I think about the truly great guild names in WoW it becomes apparent that they are all original and say something about the players within the guild itself.


Elitist Jerks is a good example.  They have fostered an online community for the discussion of high end WoW related issues.  Through sharp moderation and constant post pruning they have somehow managed to create an atmosphere of thinking and sharing that is not available on any of the official WoW forums.  Death and Taxes is another prominent name among US players that used a cliché like phrase.


Nihilium is another giant in the WoW community.  I have never had any experience with their members directly but I have been told that Nihilium literally means nothing.  A decent jab at all of those guilds that insist on guild names having some deep meaning.


Guild names can also be normal words that people use everyday that you would never even think of for a guild until you see it being used and it just fits so perfectly.  Aurora, Eclipse, etc. are all progressed guilds with a showing. 


Also you must be aware of the tendency of players to abbreviate the guild names if you make it too long and thus you loose some notoriety.  Single word guilds obviously avoid this possible problem.  All in all you must remember that the name matters less than the players themselves.  Ideally I want to attract somewhat serious players while keeping a somewhat fun guild tag.


So the elimination process continues.  I keep hoping to see a word or phrase somewhere that just pops off the page at me but so far…no luck.



~ by Centuri on July 23, 2008.

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