Recruiting from your own guild!?

While I sort out the name for the guild the more important and harder aspect of creating a guild still looms over my head.  Recruitment.  That dirty word that usually involves me having to talk to people that will say anything and agree to anything just for a shot at being pulled out of mediocrity and into the big show.


Well not really the big show since my WoW guild has a foothold in BT and Hyjal.  However, as thin as our accomplishments may seem in the larger scale we are the number 4 Horde guild on the server and quite a step up for your average battleground running Karazan farming badge collector.


I have never really talked with everyone about what the plan is for the guild once WAR launches, the WoW guild that is.  I remain hopeful that WAR will catch enough of my attention and that I don’t plan on being back for the next expansion.  However, as I introduce more and more people to WAR and explain the various mechanics I start to feel as though I will be contributing to the demise of the current raid group and progression in general until the expansion hits.


Not that I have some delusions of grandeur about me being all that and a bag of chips.  It is just that with as many people that I have talked into trying out WAR I am starting to get a bit worried that there is no backup plan in place at this point for them.  Usually I am the one that rallies the troops and issues the speeches and coordinates the sweeping reforms to rules and policies.  I keep telling myself that it won’t be my problem anymore but nevertheless it remains a concern.


On a larger scale I wonder how many other guilds out there will find themselves in a similar situation.  A percentage of their regular raiders all off playing WAR, gradually as raids are canceled due to lack of personnel more and more other players either go join them in WAR or hop to another guild as raiding guilds are forced to merge and massively recruit to fill in the gaps.  Add to that the expected pre-expansion drop off in raiding interest and you have a recipe for disaster.  I wonder how many players wll try out WAR and come back for WotLK and find their WoW guild disbanded?





~ by Centuri on July 24, 2008.

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