Dying in a Fire

Harnessing the power of fire is one of mankind’s greatest pre-historical achievements.  In ages lost to the pages of history man learned to use fire to shape the world around him, to prepare food, to stay warm, and to keep the wilds of nature at bay.  From a young age modern humans are taught that fire is a force to be respected.  I am sure that just about everyone at one point in childhood had to learn that hard way that fire can be bad.  Whether it was a hot coal that fell out of a BBQ pit or a hot burner on the stove or perhaps a pot just placed in the sink that has not yet had time to cool, we have all painfully learned that hot things and fire are generally not good things to touch.


Yet somehow in the world of MMORPG that lesson is something that many players just fail to grasp.  Like moths to a flame players are drawn to the fire.  Perhaps staring hypnotically as the flames dance around their characters eating away their life until they collapse to the ground in utter failure.  Whether it is the more traditional red/orange flames of A’lar or the blue flames of Supremus many players have to painfully (for the rest of the group that is) relearn that standing in a fire is bad.


I am of course being facetious.  Really the problem goes back to the old adage about chewing bubble gum and walking, or that many players are so focused on the roll that they have been assigned that tunnel vision develops and they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings.  The most noticeable group would be the healing classes that are constantly playing whack-a-mole with the groups health bars and simply can’t devote attention away from that long enough to not die.  Certainly some players are able to do both.  Certainly some players have the spatial awareness to move about while performing their assigned rolls.  Unfortunately for guilds that have players with poor spatial awareness it is simply going to be akin to hitting your head against the wall as you watch these players die over and over and over again.


Even more unfortunate is that as you progress in PVE content the fire simply becomes more and more dangerous.  The damage and area just starts to increase forcing players even more and more to rely on their own skills for survival.  Or to put it another way, the fire does so much damage that in the time it takes for someone else to tell you to move you are already dead.  Unfortunately there is no easy answer here.  I have just come to accept that any fight with fire on the ground will just be an extremely frustrating experience from here on out.


Definitely not looking forward to even further bosses in BT in which I will have to rely on other members more and more.  On a positive note Game Stop sent out an email to some folks giving WAR a ship date of 09/24/08.  Luckily I have a ton of sick days built up at work.  /cough /cough


~ by Centuri on July 25, 2008.

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