Guild Name Short List

Not much to do at this point besides await the Warhammer Online July newsletter.  Still no word from Mythic if the release date is actually 09/23/08. 


I did cut down my 100+ guild names into a short list:


Ruinous Powers

Rock Paper Dynamite



Number Two Pencil

Orange Mocha Frappaccino Gang (OMFG..also a reference to Zoolander)


Going for a serious route I would choose Ruinous Powers.  It is more of a reference to WAR 40K and is used to describe the pantheon of Chaos gods.


If I chose to go for a more silly approach it would be Number Two Pencil.  I just like the sound of it.  Plus it really just makes no sense but I can already start coming up with ideas for the website and forums.  Also abbreviating it as N2P just gives it a nice appeal to me.


N2P takes the field of battle and plants their yellow banners into the ground as the forces of Chaos rally to their side.  /ponder




~ by Centuri on July 28, 2008.

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