WoW Journal – SSC PUG

Last night I didn’t log on until around 9:00 PM server time (CST) and was quickly contacted by both Autbak, a resto druid in my guild, and Lonoko, a resto shaman who used to be in our guild but left for a more progressed one where assumedly he does not have to deal with the layer of BS that DM lathers onto everything.  I was told that they were running a mainly Armistice PUG group in SSC going for Vashj, the final boss of that instance.


Having not done SSC this week due to two nights of progression in BT (Najentus down and Supremus @ 26%) I quickly accepted the invite and was summoned away.  Much to my surprise the group had just killed Hydross and was working their way through those pulls on the way to Lurker.  Quickly dispatching Lurker we climbed back up to the tops of the platforms and had a slight dilemma.  Many people in the raid were interested in gearing up the alts that they came on, and thus wanted to do Leotheras, whereas, the mains in the raid wanted to go for Vashj for the Vials of the Eternity quest in order to complete that to get access to the Hyjal rings.


So it was put to a vote and the Vashj contingent won out so we found ourselves staring at Lady Vashj with just about an hour left until multiple people said that they had to go.  It took us about twenty minutes to get setup and we only did 3 pulls of her until we called it.  The problem that we had was of course the striders.  Even with half of the raid over-gearing the fight the striders were a problem.  Remarkably back when we were doing runs with Death Minions, my current guild, the striders were also a problem.


Not a terrible night in all.  It is always interesting to be in different raid groups and seeing just how insulated DM raiding really is.  We don’t curse in raids for instance and rarely yell and we try to always treat people with respect etc.  Yet here I felt like I was back in high school at some points, as people would have a way of choosing one person periodically and just making fun of them.  I also had a discussion with Worlam, a tank in Fatal (Bt clearing guild), who was tanking about how he still uses a blue trinket in his DPS set as Fatal doesn’t do SSC or Gruul’s anymore. 


It seems odd that the two most progressed Horde guilds on the server don’t get together on an off night for both of them and knock out some of these things for members that want to come.  I know that the problem DM is running into with Gruul’s is that everyone wants to hop on alts except for those who are going for the DST.  This of course leads to some “interesting” raid group setups, which of course make the fight somewhat more problematic at times which in turn, discourage us from doing them again.  I would imagine that Fatal and Armistice would have similar difficulties.







~ by Centuri on July 29, 2008.

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