WoW Log – SSC again…

Last night was somewhat of a let down.  We didn’t quite have enough of our regulars on to go back into BT so I found myself once again facing off against the minions of Lady Vashj in SSC.  I know that there are many people that are getting tired of running T5 content.  Ironically it is the people that have been with us the least that seem to be the most vocal about it.  Something about the generation of our current raiders who never knew Gruul when it was hard or when VR was serious business and as a result are so impatient when it comes to PVE progression.  Current WoW players with their server transfers and badge epics just don’t appreciate all of what has been laid out before them, and most regrettably, they will never know Kara to be anything but a badge farmathon.  To them bosses just fall over and die and when a raid group gets stuck on a certain progression speed bump it is time to go app elsewhere.  But I digress.


We skipped Hydross again because well I hate the fight and also because we have two frost resistance tanks and they are both MIA at the moment…but mainly because I hate the fight.  Nothing ruins a raid night like not one-shotting Hydross because you have a new healer/tank/dps that pulls Hydross across his imaginary line and spawns a second set of adds.  I always dislike those fights where one player messing up for just a fraction of a second causes a wipe.  So that means it has probably been a month or two since we have last killed Hydross, which is fine by me.  Some of the players are looking for the one or two decent drops off of him that we don’t regularly shard but I can’t see trying to talk another tank into dropping the gold on a frost resistance set so late in the game on a boss who is largely irrelevant in terms of progression and loot. 


One nice thing about raiding in WoW 1.0 was how ubiquitous fire resistance was and how much use a resistance set would get.  While TBC certainly lowered the barrier to entry for raids in terms of resistance requirements the fights are still sprinkled about on PVE content and are usually much more focused on having a resistance tank rather than needing the entire raid to clear a gear hurdle to overcome an encounter. 


Lurker went off without a problem.  As usual he dropped only one useful item and continues to deny people the upgrades that they want and we were able to procure several shards for the guild bank.  Leo was a bit of a headache due to having a new tank for him and several DPS.  We actually just added a new hunter to the guild that came very highly recommended as he reportedly had multiple level 70s.  True to form leveling a character to 70 in no way educates a person on proper raid techniques.  He repeatedly was unable to kill his inner demons and several times messed up the misdirect onto the warlock tank for the demon phase.  He dropped the mail healing shoulders that went to one of the newer shamans and the usual allotment of T5 glove tokens.  Finally the T5 defender token went to offspec and I used my HUGE DKP stockpile to snag them.  We went on to one-shot FLK and were rewarded with a World Breaker, which went for PVP/Offspec to a tank, and THREE defender tokens that went to various players.


Last night was a bit of a milestone for me in SSC.  After a year or more of being in T5 content I am finally done with any and all drops from T5 instances.  It seems somehow liberating to know that I am done with TK and SSC loot but at the same time I know that my time in WoW is rapidly drawing to a close, which of course has me concerned about those that I am leaving behind.


~ by Centuri on August 1, 2008.

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