Raiders to Pass On

At some point in my MMO life I will have to learn how to insert my own head into my own orifice to understand the level of social skills that many players utilize.  As you can tell I had a slight problem with a player.  Well not really me so much as someone ran afoul of the guild and decided that the best way to handle the situation was a post on the realm forums that made him look like a giant bottle of Summers Eve.


As part of the recruitment process I try and talk people out of joining DM if they mention one of two words, progression and loot.  Someone focused on either of those two goals will never make it in our guild.  We simply aren’t progression focused as we trudge through content and anyone focused on loot will quickly gather up the drops from all the farm content and move on to their next guild.  This particular player mentioned both of them and as such I tried to steer him elsewhere to no avail.


We shall call him Gortard for the sake of this rant.  Gortard joined up singing his own praises about playing multiple other characters on servers much more progressed than our own and downing bosses much further than we are even planning on reaching.  So Gortard comes into a guild with a DKP system up and running for over a year and with all of T5 (sans Vashj/Kael) on farm.  As you can imagine we have a gear smorgasbord for the newer players as they gobble up loot that would have been sharded or gone to off-spec.


On his very first raid Gortard wins the T5 gloves off of Leo and life was good.  He was with us as we pushed into BT and helped out on some of the pulls, even if his knowledge was a bit lacking.  Well all was fine with Gortard as he worked his DKP out of the negative, he did get T5 gloves on his first raid after all, until another new raider outbid him on an item.  Gortard was outbid by a warlock for the T5 shoulder token from Void Reaver, a boss that has been on farm for over a year, and sustained a bunch in his panties half the size of Texas.


He promptly quit the guild and then after some deliberation decided to start a thread on the realm forum in which his true colors were exposed.  Gortard was shown to be a loot whore by his double standard.  He should be given loot on his first raid but if someone else gets the same then clearly something is broken.  At one point Gortard tried to hop onto his main from another server and flame the guild and support Gortard.  He was shamelessly exposed for the liar and cheat that he was.


Sadly the entire turn of events could have been prevented had he just listened to me at the start.  I have seen countless Gortard’s slither their way from guild to guild until they eventually have to transfer off server for a new group of people to mooch off of.  Some time ago I said that there are two kind of players I can work with, those that are great and those that stand on the shoulders of those that are great.  I would like to add a third option to describe players like Gortard who bounce form guild to guild, server to server, never finding a group that satisfies their appetite for self promotion and selfishness, always seeking out a new group of skilled players to hide amongst until being exposed again.


Good riddance to Gortard the huntard.







~ by Centuri on August 4, 2008.

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