Arena Decline in the Mid-Brackets

Never having been a huge supporter of the arena system I feel somewhat satisfied to report on how it has been deteriorating based on my own observations.  I currently am on a 2v2 team that seems to be stuck in the mid 1600s and occasionally peeks into the 1700 bracket.  Last night 2v2 queue times were over 8 minutes long for the first time since they updated the arena servers several months ago.  We played a total of 10 games against 4 unique teams.  Also I had a guild mate who won a 3v3 match and gained 25 points which means that the team he played against was well over their rating and unable to be matched up.


Somewhat of an anecdotal presentation but still it shows me that the doomsayers appear to have been correct and the interest in arenas is starting to falter as players are unable to achieve higher ratings and maxing out on the rewards that they do have access to.  Personally speaking I am not sure how much longer I will keep doing arenas.  The idea of spending 5 weeks worth of points on the relatively minor upgrades of S3 helm, chest, and legs to the S4 items does not appeal to me.  I am still sporting the season 2 shoulders and I have PVE weapons.  So the real upgrades for me would be a season 3 weapon and the season 3 shoulders.


Both of those items would need me to increase my performance to the point of 150-200 arena rating points.  I am not sure if I can do that in my WAR/SHAMAN 2v2 but possibly once I get the War/Rogue/Druid 3v3 up and running again we can farm our way up that high, so long as we don’t play paladin teams.  So much of the arena meta game is playing rock, paper, scissors and being able to endure the agony of the counter comps to your team to reach the teams that you actually have a fair shot of beating and of course the teams that you just steam roll.


One day Blizzard will understand what makes Starcraft such a great E-Sport to play and adapt the arena game to this model.  Allowing players to select who and where their next match is played against and at will remove this RNG from the system.  So much of WoW arenas is the random number generator why do they continue to allow the RNG to essentially decide matches before they even start?  If we want to make an E-Sport out of rock, paper, scissors shouldn’t we allow rock to only play against other rocks to determine who the strongest rock is?  Is it fair that scissors just keeps getting smashed by rock while always looking for paper throwers?  If 2/3 of teams use rock does that mean that paper players have more skill than other players just because they chose paper?  


~ by Centuri on August 5, 2008.

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