Supremus Woes

Another day another raid.  We had about five of our regular raiders all get together and come up with a day to all have something to do in order to frustrate the raid leader as much as possible.  Well not exactly just another coincidence and at least they all posted that they would not be able to make it.


We were looking a bit thin so we started off on a quick Gruul run to allow some time for more people to get on.  High King Maulgar and Gruul both went down EXTREMELY quickly and we were able to snag two late comers and thus set off for BT.


Unfortunately this meant having to cut someone who was not happy at being voted off of the BT Island.  But this person was the lowest DPS and certainly one of the weaker players gear wise so it was more than fair to replace this person with someone who I knew I could count on.  Perhaps one day this person will see that it was for the best.


Najentus went down in a two shot.  We had a slight tanking issue when the main tank kept telling me that he knew where to stand and then proceeded to try and tank the boss in another time zone from the spot that I told him too.  Moving on we quickly dispatched Supremus trash and spent about an hour and a half working on this new boss for us.  We still had problems with people being out of position and we have apparently not quite gotten over the learning curve yet.  DM has put about 4 hours into the boss and I really think that just another 2-3 hours with a solid raid group will see this big guy go down.


~ by Centuri on August 6, 2008.

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