Supremus Down!

Last night Supremus went down like a sack of bricks.  He has several seemingly random and uncontrollable mechanics that were a pain to learn.  Also like the Najentus fight it took me re-specing from DPS to protection to tank him to see him bite the dust.


So now we are moving on to Shade of Akama before we switch back to Hyjal for a few more bosses in that instance and then it is back to BT to continue the march to Illidan.


At least that is what is planned for the guild.  WAR is to be released 09/18/08 with the head start going to be a kicking off a few days after that.  I should be in the closed beta sometime next week but will still likely stick with the raid schedule until launch.  I have no idea what plans anyone is formulating for the guild once I am gone.  I am however trying to put them into as good of a position as possible.


I continue to recruit subs and socials in hopes that they will provide enough of a cushion to keep the raiding game going.  I will probably push for some T5 content to still be done weekly if we have some under-geared people on and allow some of the regulars to take the night off if possible.


~ by Centuri on August 8, 2008.

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