My Warhammer Problem

So I have a little problem that is growing as the release date for Warhammer Online approaches.  The problem is that after years of coaxing to get my wife to play WoW she wants to toss in her hat for WAR.  Now as fun and interesting as that seems in and off itself and the host of problems I have probably inadvertently laid out for myself there is the EXTREMELY large current problem that I already see just a few days after launch.


She has never really played an MMO before having only taking a hunter to about level 10.  The woman also primarily says that she want to play along with me together.  She will probably be able to play for maybe 10 hours at most so when you combine her lack of play time with her inexperience with my plan to hit it hard and vast experience there is a festering problem that appears to have no remedy.


How do I play along side her and still manage to advance my main?  I never played City of Heroes/Villians but I am told that they had a sidekick system that would bring a lower level player up to your level for group play.  Final Fantasy Online did the opposite eventually and allowed you to lower the level of your higher level character to play alongside of a lower level friend assuming your friend joined in one of the recruitment programs.



With no similar system being announced for WAR I see the storm on the horizon of me having to stop playing my main at various intervals to log onto an alt character that I will keep parked alongside of her. 


This should get interesting.  What have I gotten myself into?


~ by Centuri on August 11, 2008.

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