Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As Warhammer open beta, head start and the eventual launch date continue to inch (at a snail’s pace I might add) ever closer the question continues to loom in my head about turning my back on all of this WoW foolishness and fully embracing Warhammer.



On one hand I have a huge investment of time, energy, and emotion into the current raid group.  I have managed to not only rebuild the group from about a core of 10 members after the last big split but also have now rebuilt it upon a more secure foundation of personal responsibility and accountability.   Our current raiders are motivated and spirits remain high.


On the other hand there is Warhammer.  The hopeful promised one that will deliver everyone from all of the evils of WoW and offer true player driven content and a hopeful alternative to the hamster wheel that WoW character progression has become.


Some time ago I was chatting with a long time member about how I didn’t want to get to know the current raid group since I didn’t want to feel like I owed it to them to stick with them through to the end of TBC.  Now however I have opened myself up and begun to care. 


I am guilty of in the past hoping that the entire raiding framework would come crashing down so that I could just throw up my hands in mock frustration and walk away.  It does not appear that I will be getting off quite so easily.




~ by Centuri on August 15, 2008.

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  1. You sold your soul to your current WoW guild. You’re stuck here forever.

    Remember when you were in Crucial? No one mattered. You can’t get back to that now that you know there are real people behind those chars.


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