So You Want to be a Raider?!

Well first off are you sure?  Raiding is by and large a huge waste of time and is in the end simply running on a giant hamster wheel of frustration and wasted time.  Each new upgrade that increases your efficiency by 5% simply allows you to move onto the next encounter that requires everyone to have 5% improved efficiency thus you never really get ahead.


Additionally raiding is a large investment of money. Gold. Mula. Dinero.  Not only will you spend a small fortune in buff potions, flasks, oils, and food but there are repair bills to consider.  Every new upgrade is simply a new gear tax as you have to gem and enchant each new piece of equipment to the tune of several hundred gold pieces.


Raiding is a tremendously frustrating experience.  You have to be willing to not only know the fights yourself but able to stomach watching others fall short and not becoming too frustrated. 


Let’s do a short exercise to determine if you have the right qualities.  Put a rubber band around your wrist.  Either wrist will do.  Now go and get a cookie out of the pantry or from your local store.  Pull back the rubber band as far as you can without breaking it and let it pop back onto your wrist.  Feel the sting as the anger at having done that to yourself and question why you would do something so terrible. 


After you do that 4 more times you can take a bite of the cookie.  NOMNOMNOM.  Tastey.  What a nice treat!  Do a few more reps of five each time taking a bite of the cookie.  Was the reward (cookie) worth the pain of the rubber band snapping?  If so you might have it in you to be a raider.  Go ahead and try this exercise at home.  Eventually work yourself up to reps of 20 for an ice cream Snickers.  Notice how the experience is simply becoming more and more painful and taxing as you work your way up but each bite of the snickers makes you forget about the 20 snaps of the rubber band you had to endure to get there.


Some people will eventually become numb to the pain and not even want the Snickers but will continue on since there is nothing else to eat.  Others however will wince in pain each time as they continually question what self-loathing individual would design such a system but they are so focused on the snickers that they continue. 


Luckily for us either individual makes a good raider.



~ by Centuri on August 18, 2008.

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  1. Damn. I love me some cookies, and who doesn’t like a little pain?

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