Leaving WoW for WAR. News at 11.

Yesterday I decided that I am without a doubt leaving WoW for Warhammer Online.  It came after much reflection and consideration. 



I would like to be able to say that I want to see the guild through to the end of The Burning Crusade and push on for Archimonde and go back and knock out Vashj and Kael but in all honesty my interest in organizing and leading these massive endeavors just continues to wane.


The bottom-line that the only reason I would have stayed is out of guilt for leaving folks out in the cold and starting up anew in Warhammer.  Hopefully the guild will do well.  Hopefully others    will step up and fill in the large shoes I am leaving behind.  I started working on my final advice for whomever picks up the raid leading stick to at least help them out that much.  And I will continue to browse the forums and officer sections for as long as they allow me to keep access.


Now I just need to spend the next week or so setting up a guild website, getting a vent server and securing a guild forums page.  Oh and…WAAAAAAAGH!!!  (Had to get that out of the way.)


~ by Centuri on August 28, 2008.

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