Open Beta Eye Opener: Head Start PQ Problem

I must admit that I was gung-ho to plow through the content and get the hell into tier 2 and hopefully tier 3 by the time the game launched.  However seeing as how DE/HE tier 2 zones are somewhat of a ghost town in OB it has me questioning this.

Mainly I miss being able to do the PQ and I think that the game is starting to punish me for this.  Where before quest mobs were all within 1-2 levels (up or down) of my current rank now as I push into DE chapter 8 I am running into quests with mobs 2-3 levels higher than me. 


I think that the game is expecting a certain amount of xp to come from PQ and since I am unable to do any with their only being 3-4 other players in the area it is starting to catch up to me.


Even open world RvR is becoming difficult with the lack of people in DE/HE.  The game requires X number of players to take an open world objective because of mob strength and re-spawn timers on guards.  If their aren’t X number of players in the area willing to come help then open world RvR becomes kind of ~bleh.

Is anyone else re-evaluating his or her plan?



~ by Centuri on September 9, 2008.

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