Scenario Report: Khaine’s Embrace

Not a single player that I have talked with has not enjoyed running Khaine’s Embrace.  It is quick easy and quite enjoyable.  This is a 12v12 instance RvR scenario in the Dark Elf and High Elf tier 1 pairing.  Khaine is the god of murder and I think the scenario dedicated to his teachings certainly does him justice.


Firstly all tier 1 scenarios have a 15-minute time limit and due to the fact that the game will bolster (auto-level) anyone from level 1-7 up to level 8 they are in fact instantly accessible from the moment that you log in.  So you have a lot of people looking to play many of which have only been playing that class for maybe an hour or so at most.  Add to that the RvR focus of the game and that you can que up by simply clicking on your UI and you have a winning combination of tasty carnage.


Lastly when you leave a scenario you are dropped off to exactly where you were so please make sure that you are someplace safe like on a road or on a town.  Warhammer is a cruel world and has no problem dropping you off in the middle of a group of mobs if that is when you clicked to enter the scenario.


But I digress.  Khaine’s Embrace has two capture points and a third neutral altar that all form a nice little triangle.  Each side begins in an elevated and NPC protected spawn area to prevent GY camping.  Your realm then races off to the nearest capture point securing it for your side.


At that point players are free to choose between heading into the nearby cave entrance to reach the other capture point or running around in the open.  Either way a fight is just around the corner.  The scenario has a 15-minute time limit or a point limit of 500 points.  Every enemy player killed grants one point to your realm.  Also you get 100 points for capturing both of the points.


However with an eye for flair Mythic added in a bit of deadly fun.  Once both points are captured a 10 second countdown begins in which the owning side evokes the wrath of Khaine.  Khaine, being a bit showy himself and not widely known for his mercy, sets of a large explosion at each of the points and the altar that radiate slowly outward killing any player that it reaches.  Both sides are given points for any enemy players killed and the capturing realm receives 100 points just for showing Khaine was a BAMF they are.


The radius of the explosions is such that nearly 60% or so of the playable map is in fact wiped out and then the positions reset and the entire process repeats itself. 


All in all it is a very enjoyable experience with the explosions and wiping out half the map and such.  But the largest problem that I am having is that since this one is so much fun so many of the others seem a bit too familiar for all of the Wow-aholics looking to get off the sauce.  The other two tier 1 RvR scenarios are just variations of the standard king of the hill, land grab, Arathi Basin variety capture point capturing and flag clicking that everyone has already done to death. 


~ by Centuri on September 9, 2008.

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