Warhammer Beta Journal – Monday

Yesterday started off very quickly.  I logged in and was right back in the Tier 2 Dwarf/Greenskin RvR warcamp area.  Looking on the map I saw some little red “X’s” placed around the keep in the area that was currently held by the forces of Order.  For those that don’t know the game places little a red X on a spot on the map in which players are fighting allowing everyone to see that something is going on in that general area.


I arrive minutes later on the scene to find the keep under siege by the forces of Destruction.  A small group of 5 players is currently fighting the NPC gate guards and has a battering ram up smashing into the gate.  Having never played around with a battering ram before I hopped right on into it to play the little mini-game.


The battering ram is a simple enough concept.  You ram the head of the ram into the gate enough times and smash in the door.  The control mechanism reminded me of trying to kick a 70-yard field goal in whatever the last version of Madden I played was.  There is a power bar indicating your “Pull Back” and then the bar smashes forward and you have to click again.  I wasn’t able to figure out how exactly to hit for max strength but was able to screw around and figure out that even messing up takes off about 5% of the gates health in each swing.  So of I went bashing and smashing.


The gates soon fell down and in the six of us rushed to the next group of 4 npcs waiting inside.  Quickly we put the Dwarfs to the sword and looted their rotting corpses for their lunch money.  By now a few more players had joined in and we had a force of about 12 players and we looked fairly balanced with 4 healers and 2 tanks and the rest DPS.


However the Keep Lord himself proved to be too much of a prick and refused to die.  Actually he was such a prick that we couldn’t even figure out how to properly pull him and/or his little group of guard fanboys in such a way to avoid a massive slaughter fest.  The NPCs themselves are bound to the upper floor of this room and won’t allow-themselves to be pulled down the ramp into the open area for an easy kill.

Instead you have to take your force and essentially fight them on the ramp until you can kill a few of the little bastards to open up enough room for your group to get up the ramp and into fighting position.  At least that was the theory that we came up with but we were never really able to test it out.  Every time the tanks lead the way up the ramp the Keep Lord and the Four Face Smashers instantly swarmed them and they stomped out a tune of face smashage all over our raid that soon looked to be one of their greatest hits.


I think if we can figure out the pull and get our entire group quickly into the action this is certainly doable.  The small ramp leading to the keep lord is fine for when players are in the area since it allows for a small-determined group of players to hold back a much larger group for an extended period of time.  However, when there are no enemy players in the area it seems a bit silly that they can’t have designed the keeps to give a small landing for players to get up the ramp and get organized.


After about 30 minutes of playing oh please not in the face with the keep lord a Black Orc and myself set off to capture the Iron Clad, which is a battle field objective a minute away to the east.  Battlefield objectives are protected by 5 guards.  Four of them are Champion level mobs and can be solo’d by many classes but generally are simply regular mobs with increased health pools compared to other mobs of the same rank.  One of the guards is a Hero level which has even more health than a Champion level and hits about 3x as hard.  Small groups are needed for Hero level mobs usually.


We made quick work of the four underlings and within a few minutes found ourselves facing down against Johnny McHero the Dwarf.  In true style he hit like a truck and had a pool of health that took us forever to whittle away at with the two of us.  However due to the Disciple of Khaine’s overpowerdness in solo and small group play we were making steady progress until the damn guards started to respawn.  Apparently the five minutes that it took us to get good old Johnny down to 50% was a bit much and soon we had one of the Champion level guards beating on us as well.  Soon the damage output was too great and the tank went down while I skillfully leapt into the water and ran away. 


Luckily all was not lost as I ran smack into a rank 10 Rune Priest who was bolstered to Rank 18 due to being in a T2 area.  I made quick work of him and soon realized that he must have been pretty bad or brain damaged because usually Rune Priests just run away and instant heal themselves along the way.  I was able to snare him which I think made him throw his little plan into the toilet.



The DoK has one snare that slows by 40% for 4 seconds but that ability is on a 10 second cooldown.  However it only works if a player is “Crippled” already.  Tons of effects that players dish out gives the crippling effect including one of my abilities but it is on a 6 second cool down.  So I have to spend two actions and two global cool downs to slow anyone down compared to many RANGED classes that can push one button and root me to the ground or and Iron Breaker who has a slow effect that they seem to always be able to keep up.


Did some PVE.  Did a ton of questing.  Had some more fun and ran a few scenarios.


~ by Centuri on September 9, 2008.

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