Warhammer Open Beta Journal – Tuesday

I logged in and found myself at the start of Dark Elf Chapter 8 and really didn’t want to proceed through any more of the story in order to keep the game as fresh as possible for actual launch.   Guild chat was talking about a large battle breaking out around the Empire Chaos Tier 2 pairing so I had to sprint off quite a ways to get back into the local War Camp in order to fly to another area.


Arriving in the area I checked the map and saw red and orange X’s all over the map around the destruction held keep and I knew that I had come to the right place.  I found an open group for RvR and joined an already formed up warband of about a dozen players.


An order force of greater number was attacking the destruction held keep.  We were able to pick at their rear line as they made their way up the ramp and sandwich the enemy players between the NPC guards and our own forces.  Soon they were cut down and there was much rejoicing.  Until of course I looked outside and even large force of Order forming up outside.


This gave me more of an opportunity to play with the various siege engines that were deployed along the keep’s upper walls.  I must admit that I was a bit turned off by the hell cannons.  Hell cannons and other single target engines are somewhat difficult to use for effectiveness.  They require you to place the crosshairs on an enemy player and “lock on” by holding him in the sites of the weapon for about a second or two.  This is not easily accomplished on a moving target obviously.  The damage also was a bit lackluster in that I was hitting for around 300-400 damage a shot which is not that much when most players that level have around 3000-4000 health.


I much prefer the AOE type weapons that simply allow you to target an area on the ground and do damage to anyone in that radius.  Much simpler and much easier to use against moving targets as you can simply pelt a given area to push the enemy back or punish them for standing still.


Leaving the hell cannon behind I went below to join into the fray.  Rather than simply forming a line at the doorway Destruction instead had players standing off to the sides.  Any enemy player that came in quickly found themselves facing several tanks and melee who made quick work of them and then soon dashed out of LOS for the ranged DPS looking to nuke them through the doorway.  It turned out to be a rather effective tactic and we slowly whittled away at the enemy army until suddenly without anything spoken Destruction launched a massive counterattack out the keep and completely routed the besieging forces.


It really demonstrated for me what a massive undertaking keep and fortress capture will be especially when we progress to Tier 4 level for the “end-game.”  I foresee a lot of 4am keep capturing going on unless some stops are put in place to force players to fight it out in prime time.  In support of that I have noticed keeps changing hands in the tier 2 areas but I have never actually seen one captured.  Given that I play from 5-CST->10CST every night it does seem that keep capturing is seeing more success at non-peak hours.


Lastly the entire keep siege, counterattack and such further reinforced to me that I don’t see myself taking a Disciple of Khaine as a main or even as an alt.  They certainly excel at solo and small group fighting but the class is very limited in effectiveness in the large RvR encounters for which Warhammer has been designed.  Many of the abilities just require too much face time with the enemy and being on the frontline in a chaotic RvR encounter you are just looking for trouble unless you have some good survivability. 


~ by Centuri on September 10, 2008.

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