My Warhammer Gripes

Well not wanting to come off as some sort of a fan boy I thought that I should post some of my gripes and complaints that I hope eventually get addressed.


Crafting is supposedly not “recipe based” but in fact just because you don’t click create on a recipe on an in game menu does not mean that there are no recipes.  Soon databases will be posted offline and players will be able to min/max their hearts out with what is the most effective combination of ingredients to get the desired results.  Once this happens and you have to drag and drop 50 things out of your inventory to make 10 healing potions for the upcoming keep raids you will miss the days of being able to simply tell the game to make 10 potions and coming back a minute later and finding them complete.

Additionaly as it stands now there are two “crafting” skills and four gathering skills. Looks simple enough but in order to make each gathering skill economically viable it also prevents players from being self suffecient when it comes to their crafting.  As a given crafting skill essentially needs components gathered from at least 2 gathering skills.  I don’t see the auction house being a viable source given how isolated the cities are from the actual leveling game in the early levels.

City Seperation

I have leveled two characters through the initial tier 1 chapters and one character through the better part of Dark Elf tier 2.  At no point have I ever so much as received a quest from an NPC to visit the Inevitable City.  I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have NPCs sending you to the main city.  Given that the only auction house is in the city I don’t see them ever really becoming viable until players move towards endgame.  You simply don’t need that much money while questing.  Mounts are purchasable at rank 20 for 15 gold and my rank 17 DoK already has 17 gold.  Perhaps at endgame once an established end game economy gets up and running the AH will see some action.  It really should allow for auction house NPCs at the various war camps at the least.

Public Quest Problems

Public quests are great.  Public quests are fun.  Public quests are interesting.  However you have two choices on how to get them done.  You either need an extremely large group of players (12+) to simply zerg everything down or you need a balanced group of around 6 with at least 1 tanking class and one healing class.  If you find yourself with 6 dps classes you simply can’t do enough damage to the final hero boss before it ends.

At the early ranks it is not so much a problem given that the PQs are not that complex and there are generally a large number of players about.  However, as you rank up and find that your options become smaller and smaller for who to group with.  It certainly doesn’t pay to be too far behind or ahead of the leveling curve on your server if you enjoy pubic quests.  And you will enjoy public quests.

The other problem that I have with public quests is that the game expects a certain amount of advancement from the player to come from public quests.  What I mean by that is that if you find yourself skipping public quests for one reason or another you will find yourself done with the quests in a given chapter and then moving on only to find that now the quest mobs are all 2-3 ranks higher than you are and thus simply take longer to kill.  I would rather if PQ would supplement the PVE advancement of a player rather than be a requirment.

It certainly calls into question the entire notion of the head start program given that players who are too far ahead of the server progression curve will simply be shut out and forced to eventually hop into other racial pirings in order to make up the lost PQ xp.


Mail boxes are only in some towns/camps and not all.  You are unable to send multiple items at once and you HAVE TO WAIT TWENTY SECONDS between sending messages.  Given that crafting requires you to have an alt to be self sufficient this seems like an unnecessary hindrance.

Additionally I have still never noticed an icon on the screen letting me know that I have mail waiting for me.

Siege Weapons

Siege weapons are bit boring.  The amount of time it takes to aim and fire one compared to the damage that they put out is a bit lacking.  A ranged DPS class can simply out damage a hellcannon which seems a silly.  I really think they need to do a bit more instead of just doing X amount of damage.  Snares, knock backs, interrupts, dots etc. can all be added in as additional effects.  I.E. Shoot someone with a giant six foot spear and they are pinned to the ground for a second or two.  Have a hell cannon go off at someones feet and they are sent flying into the air.

Class defining abilities too late for some.

Tanks in particular are largely shut out of lower rank RvR.  They simply get too many class defining abilities around rank 7-12.  This means that any tank not able to taunt (rank 7) or protect allies (rank 10) is really just a half a$$ed melee dps with a lot of health.  Many ranged, particularly casters, can simply hop in at rank 1 and not really miss a beat.


~ by Centuri on September 12, 2008.

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