Live From Skull Throne

So far all engines are go for the launching of Number Two Pencil.  We are rolling on Skull Throne which is a Core RvR server.  Unfortunately I seem to be the only one of the people coming over from DM that has purchased the collector’s edition and thus it will be a solo adventure for a few days.


Plenty of time to get my main and a few alts up in levels.  The website for N2P of Skull Throne is found here.  So far it has been a slow trickle of people registering on the forums and such but I imagine that within a few weeks we will be full steam ahead and hopefully offering enough to attract some quality people.


I really like the guild name Number Two Pencil.  I wanted to stay away from all of the formulaic guild names that seem to just all be recycled since the days of Everquest.  Hopefully it takes off.


In personal news I was able to get my Chosen, Centuri, up to rank 12 and RR 9 over the first day.  Against my better judgment I again chose salvaging and talisman making.  Once again I found myself entering the tier 2 area with under leveled crafting skills.  Many items I was only able to salvage to find out that the items were starting to have skill requirements above my talisman making.  


I am going to have to level up an alt or two and mail all of the green item drops to Centuri in order to level magical salvaging in order to continue to level up talisman making.  It is very frustrating that talisman making and magical salvaging skill up so poorly compared to other crafting skills whose crafting items are much more readily available.  Seeds, for example, drop from many different types of mobs allowing cultivation to progress.  All in all not too terrible as ranking up a new character will allow me more of an opportunity to play with newer players and potential new guildies as they enter the game.


Not wanting to be seen as a mass recruitment zerg guild I have begun to keep a list of players that stand out in either RvR or PQ groups as potential guild mates.  Once we get N2P off the ground I will be sure and contact them and direct them to the website.  





~ by Centuri on September 15, 2008.

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