Monday Night Keep Raiding!

Yesterday night I logged in and saw a large open RvR group of 16/24 players that had a warband up in Ostland, the Empire vs. Chaos Tier 2 pairing.  Luckily we I saw the they had the right mix of classes and so I asked the party leader for an invite.  I joined with a simple click from the UI and ran off to join the action. 


Our group was facing down against the keep, Mandred’s Hold, and we were up to around 20 players at that point.  Alas that since we didn’t have a full 24 we had no hope of doing anything productive.  Pushing through the weak outer NPC defenders we soon found ourselves inside of the keep and the two tanks moved to the front of the group and lead the charge up the ramp.


The warband leader was a Black Orc by the name of Slaughter, who was telling everyone not to stand in the fire who was typing out to kill all of the guards first before jumping onto the keep lord and that any Alliance Order that come in would be top priority.  Within a few minutes the pitiful keep lord was smitten on the ground and the forces of Destruction were victorious.  Then began the loot drama as we decided who was going to get the loot that dropped from the boss.  The game then treats the sacking of a keep like a  public quest and players are ranked according to contribution to the effort and then that total is added to a random roll to determine who gets the loot bags.  Since it was just some healing gear that no one needed it was soon vendored.  I won a lesser bag, placing 6th or 7th I believe and received a shiney new pair of shoulders that were just a few levels above me at the time and so I will have to store them for a few days.


Setting our sights on another battlefield objective we set off for the north west.  Unfortunately we were unable to capture the objective because one person went AFK so we had to wait for them to come back before proceeding.  We had about 10 people arrive soon afterwards and we began to pull the guards and eventually the main “Hero” level mob.  Soon this objective was claimed in the name of the Great Changer of Ways and there was only one objective left to take.  The second keep of Stonetroll lay in our path.


Order was slowly becoming more organized and was trying to mount a desperate defense and had managed to round up about a dozen players.  Luckily everyone in the warband had read the strat and watched the video so we were able to win.  Dispatching them with along with the NPCs reinforcing them proved somewhat problematic but soon they too were sent to the afterlife.


Four members of Order were holding out up top with the keep lord.  We knew that we were in for a challenge.  At this point the main tank for the raid saw that he needed to go and repair his equipment so we waited ten minutes for him to come back.  Employing the same strategy the tanks gathered up the mobs and used “Guard” on the healers to protect them from the Order that were there.  Killing the Order first the DPS then moved through the guards and then finally the keep lord himself.


Soon too this fortress was claimed for Chaos.  At this point the slider at the top of the map was tipped over and Destruction seized control of Ostland and Troll Country. 


Oh what a beautiful day.  Standard Edition pre-order head start is today.  Should have plenty of more eager recruits by the time I get home.


~ by Centuri on September 16, 2008.

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