The Closed Group: Play Now Pay Later

As I continue to push through content on my Chosen, having just reached rank 17, I am beginning to notice that I am slightly ahead of the main wave of other players leveling up on Skull Throne. There are never any open groups in the chapters that I am in forcing me to then go back a chapter where there seems to always be a large group just farming away at the same Public Quest.


This is not to say that there are no players at or above my rank, far from it. I have already seen several rank 20+ players riding around on their mounts. No the problem that I am encountering at my rank is a new phenomena, the closed group. Having played both preview weekends and the open beta I must admit that the community was always looking bright. Groups were always set to open and players went out of their way to make sure that everyone was included.


Now however there are several guilds out there in my chapters farming public quests and they refuse to invite non-guild members to their groups. Yesterday I even had them refusing to heal anyone not in the guild and one guild actually stood there while I attacked a champion level mob and a member says in say, “DIE.” In his defense he, and his guild, were probably a bit upset that I showed up toward the end of the last run through of the PQ and after having asked for an invite told that it was a guild group, placed 12th in contribution but then rewarded second place on the loot roll. If they weren’t upset about that perhaps, when I mentioned to them all that karma had punished them by rewarding me then proceeded to jump around in my new blue chest plate while we waited for it to reset may have done the trick.


But I digress. Still the closed group is a problem that I keep encountering. Luckily it seems that this slightly ahead of the leveling curve guild group is an oddity as I can simply go back a chapter and play in the open groups. There I can find a bastion of community where players don’t treat each other (well not openly) as potential competition to be shunned.


Hasn’t the elitist exclusive guild gone the way of the dinosaur when it comes to Warhammer? How can a guild that collectively treats their non-guilded realm mates as rats looking for scraps ever hope to achieve anything that will require the assistance of those that they shun? Will the realm rally to defend the keep that the jerks so valiantly set their alarm clocks and raided at 5 AM?


In the end players and guilds will reap what they sow.  I certainly don’t remember the name of the individual player that told me to “DIE” while we were all doing that PQ together.  His guild name however is something I will make it a point to remember and when the call goes up to defend their guild keep perhaps I won’t be the only one.


~ by Centuri on September 18, 2008.

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