Skull Throne Evacuation

Faced with 30 MINUTE QUE times to log in last night we have decided to move our fledgling guild off of Skull Throne and onto Tower of Doom. I was able to get the word out very quickly and people are slowly starting to pop in. On an amusing note some of our old rivals from Azshara are rolling Order on the server as well. Apparently 3 years of getting their rears kicked by us wasn’t enough and they need some more.


Hopefully even more people get in game tonight so that we can get some groups running and do some recruiting. All together its about twenty players that have talked with me at one point or another and have told me that they are going to try out Warhammer. This should be more than enough of a core group to do some recruiting around. Unfortunately as of now there are only about 7 characters in the guild. First impressions being what they are I doubt that would be very impressive to a new recruit.


So the bottom line is that all of these people need to get in game and we all need to reach some common rank so that we can start doing group activities so that we can begin to recruit. The first few weeks on a new server are always the easiest for recruitment. I think that the hardest thing for me to do in this is change from the DM mentality where we have 2+ years of stability behind my message that made recruiting somewhat easy.


As I expected, quite a few people made the switch from Skull Throne to Tower of Doom but not enough to really get the scenarios going or the non Empire-Chaos open world RvR areas popping. There are quite a few players in the chapter 1-7 areas but after that things are looking somewhat scarce. No worries though as the lack of group options at rank 17 just gives me an excuse to rank up my shaman alt, now rank 4 by the way, for some guild groups this weekend. Really hopping to start off strong this weekend if we can get an 8-10 person group going.


~ by Centuri on September 19, 2008.

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