Recruitment Wot’ is Hard



Having spent the last year or so as the raid leader and general big cheese of a large guild on a very small server I have forgotten the plight of the little guy when it comes to recruiting newer members.  No longer do I have a three-year legacy of history behind me.  No longer can I point to past achievements and assurances of future opportunity and line up prospective members and pick and choose the best.

Starting from scratch is hard, even if scratch is about a dozen or so players from your last guild on a new server in a new game.  Added to the problems is the lack of an “official” server forum from Mythic.  So I have no central location with which to broadcast my message.  The result of this is that I find myself spending more time macroing in a recruitment message rather than spending time ranking up my characters.


The players that I was counting on to be the foundation are still slowly trickling in.  Many of these will more than likely be going back to WoW once WotLK hits and also many will continue to play both games for a little while and see if WAR is a great as I have been telling them.  Meanwhile the recruitment post on WHA has seen little hits, well none of the recruitment threads from any of the guilds has really generated a lot of views.  I have been trying to reach out to other Warhammer community boards that have server forums or guild recruitment forums but with little luck. 


Ten Ton Hammer, for instance, requires some sort of a point system before you are allowed to start up a new thread.  I will be sure and post some on that board and try to acquire these points so that I can get a thread started over there as well.  Even once I get this up I would wager that many players don’t check the server thread forums, if they even visit these fan-site forums at all.


So there I find myself running around the tier 1 areas and hitting a macro every 15-20 minutes and getting very little response.  New members have been slow to arrive.  WoW players that I was counting on making the switch seem to be stalling.  Certainly not off to a good start, but then again I didn’t spend a year farming SSC and TK in WoW to not have learned some persistence.


~ by Centuri on September 22, 2008.

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