N2P is now Heresy

Faced with recruitment problems we have renamed N2P into Heresy.  It is not as unique, fun, or creative but it is a bit more mainstream.  Recruits have actually already begun to respond more favorably to the new name as we added three new players last night alone.  I also talked to another player who came over with 5 gamer friends from WoW and they are all considering joining as well.


So it would appear that N2P was indeed a problem.  I am more than a bit disappointed in the lack of humor and irreverence on the server, but so be it.  At the very least it allowed me to build another guild website from scratch via WordPress.  Nothing special but to someone as un web savy as I am even creating simple text with pictures appears almost magical.   http://www.warheresy.com


~ by Centuri on September 26, 2008.

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