Recruitment Woes

A lifetime ago back in college I was in a fraternity.  The national fraternity office would send down these “consultants” every year who visit the various chapters and do workshops on subjects ranging from safe party planning to recruitment.  One of the subjects covered during the recruitment workshops was the “F-Bomb.”


The idea was that many students have pre-conceived ideas in their heads that you would have to get past prior to being able to recruit that individual.  So saying the word fraternity was the “F-Bomb.”  We would do these little roll-playing exercises that would require you to talk to a potential new member and invite them to something without using the word fraternity. 


Personally I never put much faith into this mantra.  If someone doesn’t want to join they suddenly aren’t going to have this epiphany when they show up to the BBQ that you invited them to and see that its full of Greeks, the fraternity kind not the loin cloth wearing with a six pack variety.  But still some of our better members ended up being people that always said they would have never joined a fraternity so perhaps there is some value to reaching out.


However, I am going to spend the next week or so making it a point to handle the guild recruitment as the “G-Bomb.”  I will make it a point to reach out to higher ranked un-guilded players that I see in the scenarios and just talk to them.  Whether its about the scenario we just ran or some nuance about their class it won’t really matter.  It will be just a few minutes of conversation and then off to the friends list they go if they don’t act like a d-bag.



Once they are on the friends list and I can get 2-3 other guild members together we can form an RvR group or maybe a public quest if we are around the same rank range and invite this player along.  Possibly going to give this a week or two and see if we can pick up some quality players.  Hell I went unguilded for most of WoW because I found that guilds were just a source of irritation and annoyance as members would ask and expect for you to drop whatever you are doing and help them out. 



At any rate, something has to be more productive than hitting a macro every 15-20 minutes that will only be read by a dozen or so players in the immediate vacinity or maintaining a recruitment thread on some unofficial forums that many players don’t even visit.


~ by Centuri on September 29, 2008.

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