PVE Experience Points Shortfall

There appears to be a failure on the part of someone at Mythic of simple math.  A player has 40 ranks.  Each racial pairing has 20 chapters.  Therefore a given player should be able to grind/quest/PQ on average 2 ranks for each of the chapter hubs.


The game sticks with this simply formula up until you start to reach around chapter 6 or 7 and then it begins to deviate.  At first you don’t think much of it and simply run a bit more RvR, assuming you are order or don’t mind waiting 20-30 minutes as destruction.  Soon you find yourself not able to keep up.  You are progressing the story and doing all of the quests but now the mobs are all 2-3 ranks higher than your character.  Mobs take longer to kill.  Quests take longer to complete.  Solo grinding out PQ influence seems to be the answer but still doesn’t solve the problem.


The problem is that PVE simply does not reward enough experience points to keep up with expected character progression.  A given chapter hub expects you to be X rank when you arrive and expects you to be X+2 when you are done.  However by combining the quests and grinding out PQ influence I am soon finding that I am more like X+.5. 


When you are in Tier 3 and playing destruction and have now spent in upwards of eight hours queued for various scenarios that you never get into this really only gives you one option.  You have to visit another racial pairing and grind out those quests and influence.  Travel problems aside this absolutely kills immersion.  Trying to follow the plot lines, for those of us who make it a point to read the quest flavor text, becomes an exercise in futility.  It simply completely ruins the sense of immersion.


PVE experience gains needs to be almost doubled to keep up with the increased demand for ranking up.  One of the high points for me when getting the game was the idea that I could have six separate leveling experiences, one for each race, and never have to replay the same quests again and again and again (STV in WoW). 


Talking with some players who were “elder” beta testers they remember that it was not like that at one point and that it was possible to rank up to 40 without ever leaving their racial pairing.  Some of that may be BS since pre-made characters would have eliminated the need for ranking up characters via questing.  Also you can always point at the original production podcast which shows a player moving through his races zone all the way up to tier 4.


If we take that at face value then the numbers were tweaked somewhere along the way and the ranking up process was slowed down intentionally.  As a chosen I don’t want to get involved in the rivalry of two Dark Elf houses.  Nor do I care to be tangled up in Greenskin infighting.  So why does the game require me to?


~ by Centuri on October 1, 2008.

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  2. Hear hear!

  3. On a side note the early chapters always felt to easy.. like you leveled to fast..

    im 22 and can take down a 27.. it takes a bit but its doable.. i just feel that the mobs finally caught up to me…

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