Why is Phoenix Gate Designed So Poorly?

Phoenix gate is a standard capture the flag scenario that pits opposing realms on opposite sides of a small stream each trying to capture their opponents flag while still holding onto their own.  It seems quite simple enough in plan but quite a few bad points in execution are really holding the scenario back.


First off there is the terrain.  The map itself is designed to entice players to funnel into the middle.  There are paths around the sides but they are long, winding, and very often you find yourself blocked by a cliff or hill that you are unable to traverse.  This creates that lovely sensation of players simply having a large brawl in the middle while a few members of each time actually concentrate on completing the objectives.


Once both flags are grabbed by the opposing faction the game then starts to debuff the flag carriers over time.  The flag carriers soon find their movement speed decreased and shortly thereafter they are taking 25% more damage and they loose the ability to regenerate ability points.  The increased damage is acceptable and should help break the turtles that tend to develop.  The other two penalties however, simply encourage the flag carrier to run and hide in a corner rather than go and fight alongside his or her team.


Added to this is the problem that the map itself has a few flaws in its structure.  It is possible to actually carry the enemy flag back to your factions spawn point where you will be safely protected by high level NPCs who will literally one shot any enemy players that try to come near you.


The flags should be the rallying point for your team.  Standing proud in the middle of the field daring the other side to come and take theirs back should be encouraged.  Running and hiding with NPC guards to protect you should be penalized.  The flags should only provide a debuff effect if they are not within a certain area, like say right out in front in the middle.  They should provide a buff for your team fighting around them to encourage both sides to rally to the flag and brawl in the middle. 


So far tier 2 scenarios continue to be a let down.  The enjoyment and simplicity that was so prevalent in tier 1 seems to have been thrown out the window when they decided to design tier 2.  If I want to take the enemy flag and go ram it down their throats with my realm mates why does the game not want to let me?




~ by Centuri on October 2, 2008.

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