The Wordless GQuiter

As a guild leader in a game with multiple barriers to guild recruitment (no zone/tier/faction wide chat system and no official forums) every member obtained and retained is worth his or her weight in gold.  Nothing will help you get your name out there faster than having someone who is looking for a guild seeing 3-4 members of your guild all working well together in a PQ or a scenario.  Players may only give a passing glance at a clever 20 word macro in the local chat channel about a guild recruiting but having them grind alongside players with your guild tag is much more effective.


So it was a bit frustrating having 5 somewhat active players leave the guild over this past weekend without so much as a goodbye.  Our guild is a bit more of a Monday through Thursday crowd with the weekends being a bit spotty as everyone attends to real life events.  So we had one fellow leave Friday who was someone that I spent about 10 minutes talking to prior to inviting.  Two more players left Saturday night who were both friends of one of the very first recruited members.  And then another player who was picked up randomly last week ever so randomly left Sunday night and then lastly the player who was friends with the other two players who left also /gquit Sunday night.


In a guild with around 20 active players loosing 5 is 25% of the guild out the door.  Just as things were starting to look up this happens to smash us back down.  Of the five that left I have only seen two actually on and in game.  One joined another guild that is part of one of the large guild alliances.  The other is in game and still out doing the solo PVE that he/she always seemed to enjoy and is now playing without a guild. 


In WoW, where players can go 1-70 completely solo, I can understand not wanting to bother with a guild.  However, WAR is not like that.  There are actual in game advantages to being in a guild, assuming that the guild is rank 6+.  The Viper Pit contains renown gear vendors and a vendor that sells scrolls to port you back to town for only 30 copper. 


Nearly every time I was on over the weekend and the past few days things were looking up in terms of guild activity.  There was a Sacellum group and some PQ groups that were formed.  Also Tier 2 RvR is really starting to pick up with queues down to around 5-10 minutes at prime time for destruction.  We were able to have an RvR group going almost every night with interested players.


Still the complete lack of feedback is what bothers me.  True after only a few weeks I don’t expect a 5 page drama blowout on the forums over wanting to leave.  But apparently a simple, “Hey thanks for the invite, Going to go play with these guys now. Good luck,”  is too much to ask for.  I know that players aren’t looking for any drama and are simply trying to make a quick exit but still a guild is something more than an open group.  Clicking in and then clicking out without so much as a word just seems odd to me.


~ by Centuri on October 6, 2008.

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