This is what I get for opening my mouth

So after the handful of wordless /gquits I now find two of the more prominent members of the guild wanting to leave.  The root of the problem is the complete lack of RvR on the destruction side once you get out of tier 2 on our server.  The symptom that everyone hates is that you soon run out of solo PVE and/or are forced to jump to other racial pairings to keep up your ranks to the level of the quest mobs you have to kill.  Here are there two postings.


Guy 1: (English is his 2nd language FYI)


Our low pop server killed it for me. I imagine it would not have been the same on a high pop.


The pvp is good, arguably better than WoW’s for some, but it is ALL you are going to do. While I understand this being a pvp game, there is no pve to speak of, the usually slow grinding, a single handful of 15-30mins straight line kick in the door “dungeons” you will no do much of at all if any, and on a low pop server you will find no groups for public quests, and from lvl 20+ on our server there are absolutely no BG pop. Not long queues, no pop AT ALL, while Mythic expect over a third of your XP to come from them(and for many players, it’s like 60 to 90% on lower tier).


And as we know, “life starts at 60”, meaning that the huge end game Keep and town raids(lower tier keeps are small and quite boring) will not be attained for a freaking long time if you get no BG pops, no public quests and slow going rare pve. The meaningless and rare lower Keep fights you will find on a low pop server are either a 15 min steamroll for the zerging side (and by zerg I mean 15-20 unopposed people), or a 3hours standoff if it is equal and you have enough of it after 30 mins.


The BGs are still nice to do, I imagine I could lvl a char doing just that, as it’s pretty the only thing you can do, and they change from tier to tier to all new ones, but right now I’m stuck at lvl 22 without any pops, and the PVE grind is worse than WoW’s and I do not care much for it, especially since it will not really give sufficient XP. I might give myself a kick in the butt and reroll on a populated serve in which it might be a whole different thing, it is after all a game solely depending on players fighting each other, but starting over can be depressing.


And here we have guy # 2: 


Honestly, after having to force myself to log on today and then getting frustrated with the unresponsiveness of the user interface, I’m kind of inclined to understand why you canceled. It seems like the game has become more and more unresponsive as time goes on. I mean I REALLY want to have fun playing. God knows I looked forward to WAR for months.


Maybe its my bad computer…but that really shouldn’t dictate the response time of my game’s UI.


I’m going to really give it an honest chance and try to approach things from a fresh perspective next time I login. The issue is that I really am spening more time finding bugs, reporting them, and sending in feedback responses than I am actually playing the game.  I guess that’s my choice, but when I find a bug every 2 minutes and I’m dropping targets at random when I activate abilities I really don’t know what else to do.


So now I find that the two of the three most active members of the guild aren’t exactly kosher to say the least.  I setup this guild to try and keep our community together from DM into this next game.  However, this just gets more and more problematic as many of the players who I was counting on to be the base upon which to build up this guild either aren’t playing at all or aren’t playing very actively. 


~ by Centuri on October 7, 2008.

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