Indecent Proposal


In a conversation yesterday with a former member of my guild, who is now off raiding Sunwell, she made an offer that has me feeling more than a bit dirty and certainly questioning what I will be playing in a month’s time.


Her proposal was that I level up my shaman (who is 65 or 66 last I recall) and then springboard in with her new guild and raid on my shaman and that no one would be the wiser.  It is an interesting proposition and certainly worth considering.  Surely very few people from DM even know about my shaman and even then a $10 name change would cover that possibility.


It is certainly worth considering.  Perhaps the hamster wheel raid grind wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t the one having to run EVERYTHING from recruitment to the raid roster to the DKP list. 




~ by Centuri on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Indecent Proposal”

  1. I guess whether you should or shouldn’t do this is also up to how you see your commitment to your main character’s guild. Are you committed as a character or as a person?

    If the former, go for it, otherwise think it through.

    Personally I don’t see a problem if you think you can juggle it time wise.

  2. Well this would be back in WoW. Currently I am off playing WAR.

    DM is so much more than a guild. It was a group of players that genuinely liked each other and usually had as good of a time hanging around town chatting or raiding some new (for us) boss.

    In the end the GM took a 4 month hiatus and left me holding the bag as the defacto GM and I was spending just as much time running the guild, raids and website as I was actually playing. It was a soul sucking experience to say the least.

    Going back to WoW and not going back to DM just makes me feel dirty.

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