Refusing to move on: Is Tier 1 Too Much Fun?

Having dinged 12 on my Iron Breaker and facing several days of ranking up and PVE grind to be effective again in RvR I soon found myself once again rolling a new character on the Order side just to run tier 1 scenarios.  A new class, simplistic play, and ease of entry certainly make lower level RvR attractive in WAR but is it too attractive? 


“The real game starts at max level.”  We can all thank WoW and its ubiquity that the WoW game design philosophy has poisoned the minds of so many players who find themselves rushing to max level.  We have all certainly heard the call of more experienced players to stop and spill some blood on the roses along the way but I find myself not wanting to move on.


Some of this may be just due to me wanting to try out new classes.  Think a class is OP?  Try playing one and see how you do.  I certainly begin to appreciate and understand which classes to go after first in an encounter, who can be left alone, and who needs to be snared to make it easier for a healer to kite a melee DPS.


But I think it goes a bit more than that.  Once you enter T2 you start to experience the wide swath of knock backs that Mythic decided to sprinkle throughout the game.  You think you almost have someone and then suddenly you are flying through the air and taken out of the action for a few seconds or a minute or more depending on where you land. 


If the knock back effects don’t get you then the smattering of root effects that were liberally applied begin to enter the fray in Tier 2.  Suddenly the brawling mobile tactics that you began to appreciate in tier 1 is too hard to replicate as one player can push one button and root most of your team for what feels like an ungodly amount of time.  The scenarios themselves also change from tier 1 to tier 2.  Instead of the capture and hold mechanics that tier 1 is built upon we see as another blogger described, “Good ideas with poor execution.”


Open RvR and keep sieges do begin at the tier 2 level but even then I can’t keep interested.  With keep sieges you have the glaring advantages that the defenders have in that a much smaller group can keep a larger attacking force at bay for quite some time.  However seeing groups of 10-12 defenders that simply camp the top of the ramp and use the NPC guards as protection is just becoming more and more frustrating.  


As my now ex-guild mate describes you have two types of keep sieges.  Either there are no effective defenders and it’s just a steam roll PVE encounter which is kind of a bore.  Or you have somewhat equal forces, which creates a long standoff that usually involves a long, lag-filled fight of attrition up the ramp.



So right now I have a rank 5 Engineer and a rank 5 Archmage that I think I will play through tier 1 for this weekend.  Is it wrong to play an MMO and toss aside characters like you would change skins in Counter Strike?  I certainly don’t think so.




~ by Centuri on October 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Refusing to move on: Is Tier 1 Too Much Fun?”

  1. Very interesting that you say this. I have been considering the same thing.

    I just did my first tier 2 scenarios on my ‘main’ and wasn’t really all that enthralled like I was with tier 1.

    I created an alt to work on while I continue to level, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of playing through tier 1 some more.

  2. I now have several level 12 characters. PvE one day, scenarios the next, and you start over rather than grind tier 2.

  3. I just made it into Tier 3 a few days ago. I have to say that I have had fun in each of the tiers so far – my abilities wax and wane in effectiveness, but the new terrain and objectives you get to fight over bring additional dimensions to RvR. This is the first game in a while where I’ve enjoyed the journey through the levels, not just being higher level.

  4. It’s interesting to take note of how much fun you’re having as you level up.

    I find the first 10 levels to be a blast, with fun slowly diminishing after that. By the time I reach around level 18, I start to really feel the grind.

    In my opinion, levelling should stop when it starts to feel that way. Now if somebody would just go and make such an MMO…

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