Junior Developer Diary 1: What I Would Add to WAR

Public quests are one of the most hyped features of Warhammer Online.  All throughout production the word was tossed around liberally in nearly every interview and review that was done of the game.  Play the game and you too will quickly be swept up in the action of slaying large monsters at such a low level.  So what could Mythic change to make them more accessible and really open them up to the players? 


Well how nice of you to ask!  I would add some additional information to the in game map to better facilitate players being able to group up to complete these multiple stage encounters.  Essentially I would implement a feature that would provide information whenver a player mousse over a given public quest.  This information would be: the current stage and progress made at that stage as well as time left remaining, the number of players in the area, and lastly any groups in that area and whether they are set to open or closed.   

As stated all of this information would be easily read by the player and he or she could then charge of to the public quest of their choice fully knowing what to expect when they arrive.  As payment for this consultation I demand one pair of Paul Barnett sunglasses and an autographed picture of Josh.







~ by Centuri on October 13, 2008.

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