WoW Re-Entry

So I reactivated my WoW account.  I know….Yeah but it will be different this time…True but I won’t let it take over my life this time…Ok you got me there but it’s going to be different than TBC…Yeah it looks like more of the same but…Yeah I know…I know…Look…Hey…Don’t say that about my mother…


In a power gaming session that spanned from Friday through Sunday evening I took my shaman from barely a level 65 all the way to 70.  I seriously did not know that I had the will to play a game for 12+ hours in a row anymore but apparently I still do.  I could not have done it alone and have to thank the men of KISS for producing so many great Live concert recordings to allow me to push through so many hours of questing.


I just could not pass up the opportunity to get on board with such a great guild for WotLK and so I find myself back in Azeroth…well mainly Outlands but still.  The Shaman is certainly a more interesting class to me than the warrior and I look forward to the next month of playtime to become better acquainted with him prior to the launch of Wrath of the Lich King. 


I became quite well acquainted with the dirt in the various battlegrounds as I learned that life as a sub 100 resilience caster is much shorter than a 400 resilience warrior.  It was rather amusing as opposing players soon learned that I was rather squishy and many would target me first and not surprisingly the better geared ones were able to drop me from 100% to 0% in under 5 seconds.  Still, chain lightning does make such pretty numbers flash across the screen.


The pseudo plan for me is to spend the next month just getting exalted rep with the Shattered Sun Offensive so that I can grab the shield + mace combo.  Along the way I will leach a few epics from Kara and grind out some honor to grab a few more items.  Certainly won’t be killing myself grinding out rep with so many of the unneeded factions. 


Still planning on playing a bit of Warhammer Online through the free period but won’t be subscribing beyond that.  I could probably write a small novel on the reasons behind the decision filled with self loathing, disappointment and bitterness…perhaps tomorrow.


~ by Centuri on October 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “WoW Re-Entry”

  1. Good luck with the grinds! 🙂

    I’ll be curious what you think of PVP in WoW compared to WAR. I’m having a hard time even thinking of playing WoW PVP again after experiencing PVP in WAR.

    I’m currently still playing both games and I’ll be holding off final decisions until Wrath hits. I’m hopeful that PVP will be improved then.

  2. I would choose the PVP of WAR anyday over the PVP of WoW. Going from WAR to a sub-100 resil. character and trying to run battle grounds is a bit of an adjustment. WoW PVP was fun in moderation for me. It was only when I was forced to grind it out for hours on end for gear to get ahead in PVE that I became so frustrated.

    The real hope for WotLK is that they can balance PVP gear out of PVE raids.

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