What I did wrong for Warhammer Online.

The ship has sailed for Warhammer and me at this time.  Looking back it seems all too obvious the mistakes that I made and the bad choices on my part that lead me to this.  Warhammer is a great game in my opinion but just not my great game and that is why I am back in Warcraft getting ready for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.


Firstly I think I became to attached during the pre-launch, development and beta phases.  I would check every blog, read every Mythic post, and comb various “news” sites for any information, videos or screenshots.  While Warhammer may have just launched a month ago, for me my journey began well over a year ago.  Some people may have casually followed the game, me I would sit down nightly with Jeff, Josh, Paul and Mark.  Their word was Gospel and it ended with WAR being placed on am unassailable pedestal.


The Collector’s Edition Head Start program placed me entire tiers of content ahead of all of those that were supposed to be playing the game with me.  In my zealousness I plowed ahead for those four days on Skull Throne and was already rank 17 by the time the game officially launched.  By that weekend I was heading into Tier 3 while everyone that I wanted to play with was still trying out various classes in Tier 1 content or just sticking their heads into T2.  The end result was that on my main character I was unable to play with my guild mates, which forced me to re-roll another character just to play in the same tier as them.


Looking back on the decision to leave Skull Throne I have numerous regrets.  Skull Throne was a full/full server almost nightly and the queues were reaching 30 minutes or more post launch.  The result was a long wait to play but once you were in game the action would come quickly.  PQ groups were everywhere.  Several large Order alliances had rolled on the server, which kept RvR interesting.  Tower of Doom was a cloned server to get players off of Skull Throne and it succeeded…sort of.


Tower of Doom is a ghost town now with T3 scenario queues of around TWO HOURS for destruction.  Order usually controls ONE keep in all of Tier 3 and defends it rather viscously.  PQ groups are few and far between and you had better have several guild mates around your level who all happened to choose a good combination of classes or you won’t be doing much more than farming stage one and stage two if you are lucky.


So in conclusion, these are the reasons for which Warhammer Online is not the game for me.  It ended up being mistakes that I made along the way that lead to it’s downfall.  I am confident that Warhammer will see commercial success and perhaps one day I shall return.  Players will ultimately decide which they prefer when it comes time to sub to WAR or purchase WotLK.  Perhaps such rivaled competition will drive innovation that so many gamers are desperately pining for.


~ by Centuri on October 14, 2008.

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