Junior Developer Diary 2: The Pink Teacup


Just stick with me for a minute…


Each Tier of Warhammer Online has an open RvR area on the map that grows ever larger as you move up in tiers.  As it stands now there are a series of “scouting” quests that require you to simply run out to the objectives and a handful of PVE quests all designed to get players into the RvR lakes and hopefully randomly stumble across each other.  A simple design in theory but in practice the RvR lakes are rather…shallow.  Players simply do their handful of PVE quests and complete the half dozen scouting quests and then move on or hop back into a scenario.


In an effort to encourage more players in RvR lakes Mythic has increased experience gains in open world RvR and increased the reward of capturing keeps and objectives.  Still this doesn’t solve the larger problem…how do we get players out of the scenarios and into the open world?


Simple.  Expand on the existing War scout NPCs in each of the camps.  As it stands now these quest givers simply hand out the repeatable scenario quests but they have so much more potential.  Once a player completes all of the scouting quests for a War camp they would be given a special quest item for that War camp.  Each one would tie in with the racial pairing that you are in and just for the sake of simplicity let’s just assume you are in the High Elf areas and call it the Pink Teacup. 


The Pink Teacup (PT from here on out) will go into a players quest item bags for as long as he or she (I have heard rumors of female gamers in WAR).  The PT provides access to a special line of quests within the RvR lakes.  Additionally the PT would provide scouting reports from the War scout for enemy activity in that area.


Let’s go over the quests offered by the PT first.  Clicking on the item in your bags will reveal the quest dialog box in which the PT will give you a quest to capture an enemy held battle field objective for your entire war band.  This quest is timed to say 15 minutes.  Once a war band takes that objective within the time frame the quest is completed and players can open up their bags and click on their teacup and receive bonus experience and renown based on the amount of time left to complete the quests.


At this time the teacup gives another quest to take an additional enemy held battlefield objective but this time reduces the time to take it to 12 minutes.  Players also receive the teacup buff that increases experience and renown gains by 25% for the duration of this second quest.  Complete that one and now you’ve got 10 minutes but your gains are increased by 50%, and so forth and so on.


But oh no my friends the Pink Teacup does so much more!  It gives access to scouting reports.  No longer will you look out over an RvR lake devoid of red and orange X’s all over the map and wonder if it is even worth your time to go out looking for trouble.  Teacup scouting reports give you up to date information on enemy position, numbers, and which objective their pink teacup has sent them out to capture; all relative to the amount of control that your realm has over a tier.


In order to encourage fairness the more dominant your realm is in a given tier the less accurate your scouting reports become.  For example if Order has dominant control of a zone then the Destruction PT will give fairly accurate information something to the tune of, “A large force of Order was last seen moving south past the lumber mill.  Our scouts report that they are approaching the docks.”  As a destruction player or war band I now know where the Order players are, where about they are heading and a rough idea of how many of them to expect.


Conversely the Order players would get a report that says, “A force of Destruction was seen heading south from the Warcamp.”  The idea is to steer the groups of players into each other while providing the “loosing” side with a bit more information most importantly an idea on the size of the enemy in the area and where they are heading.


The Pink Teacup will eventually direct players to attack and seize an enemy controlled keep within a specified time frame but only after you control every objective on that map and assuming that you have taken at least two objectives.  Additionally the Pink Teacup will be coded that if two groups of roughly the same size are in the area it will try to assign one realm to defend an objective that the other realm is currently working to capture.  This should turn the RvR lakes into a roving battlefield and hopefully bring the experience points and renown gains up to what scenarios are currently rewarding, assuming that you have a good group of course.


~ by Centuri on October 15, 2008.

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