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Many people were saying that the WoW achievement system was just a rip off of the Tome of Knowledge from Warhammer Online.  After having a few weeks of experience with both features I feel that the WoW system is the clear winner regardless of who did what first.  It is more intuitive, easier to use, and puts the goals to the player in a much more straightforward manner.


The WoW Achievement System is opened up via an in game menu or from typing /achievement.  From there the system is broken down into the various categories, such as exploration, questing, special events etc…  Taking the special events as an example clicking on that tab opens up a nested tab for each of the seasonal events in the game.  You then click on say Hallows End, the current running event, and you will see all of the objectives for this event spelled out for you.


Achievement objectives for this event range from killing the Headless Horseman, a level 70 mob in Scarlet Monastery that requires a group of players to kill, to time consuming exploration style requests such as visiting every single inn in the game and clicking on the candy buckets.  Some of my other favorites include putting a pumpkin head on a member of every race and the “GNERD Rage” achievement that requires you to eat a certain piece of event candy and rack up 50 honorable kills.


Each small objective is always a part of a large objective with a title or mount reward awaiting a player at the end.  This is all clearly mapped out and from level 1 a player can see exactly what is required.  As a player completes objectives they are awarded “achievement points” that continue to accrue.


Everyone from casual players to hardcore raiders has something to gain and is on more or less equal footing for the vast majority of the achievements.  Even on my low population server I have seen multiple raid groups being formed to go take on old world raid content just for achievement unlocks as well as Sunwell raiders mapping out the best path to tag every inn in Azeroth for the trick or treat unlock.  All in all very well done by Blizzard.


One other nice feature from WoW is that whenever a player obtains an achievement it not only puts a test message out to any player in your immediate area but also sends out a message across guild chat for everyone to see.  Sure the first few days were somewhat spamish but can you imagine what it will be like say when your guild clears Naxx the first time and you see 25 messages going across your screen before anyone can even say anything?  Epic.


The Tome of Knowledge however, is not so straightforward.  Sure there are tome tactics that are rewarded but how do you get them?  As you complete one unlock it might give you a clue to the next objective but I found many of them to be very abstract by design.  Something like, “Go and explore a monster’s lair in Nordland,” or “Defeat a champion monster in The Shadowlands.”  As a player I know that I would be more likely to turn to out of game resources to find out exactly where this lair is or what the name of the champion mob and where he spawns before I would randomly dash about the country side looking for them.


Really the only advantage that WAR has is that the game was designed from the ground up with the ToK fully incorporated.  The ToK needs a bit of a facelift to improve the interface and needs to better explain and direct players to the various objectives.  Now if you’ll excuse me I still need to track down a gnome to stick a pumpkin head on and I have another 47 more towers to defend in Alterac Valley.


~ by Centuri on October 20, 2008.

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