Rebuff Boss is Serious Business

Ok so I couldn’t resist the urge to get on my warrior.  Really it was that I needed to log on him and disenchant around a hundred items that I had sent to him from my Shaman.  While I was on I was able to talk to a few people including the people that tried out Warhammer Online with me.  I don’t think anyone from the dozen or so people that were with me in WAR at one time or another are going to subscribe as most have multiple level 70 characters in WoW and have their sites set firmly on Northrend.


And it just so happened to be a raid night.  BT was on the menu and I hadn’t been on an actual raid for well over a month.  Sitting back not being in charge and just button mashing trying to figure out arms warrior DPS I was able to compare the main difference between my shaman’s guild, which is currently raiding Sunwell, to my warrior’s guild which has always struggled on any progression content.  One glaring difference stands out.


The time it takes my casual guild to rez and rebuff after a wipe is just obscene.  I am talking 7-10 minutes after a wipe if we are lucky.  Usually it is even longer as a few players drift to afk land.  The raiding guild that my shaman is in is much more efficient.  I have listened on vent and usually from the time a wipe is called to the time they are pulling again is less than 5 minutes.  It’s an amazing difference.  Keeping everyone focused and not alt-tab’d out is be a huge advantage.


~ by Centuri on October 22, 2008.

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