Trying to be Prepared: Pre-WotLK Plans

Since I am resigned to not going back to my warrior I have had to setup meaningful and attainable goals for my elemental shaman to better prepare him for WotLK come November 13th.  So far I am more or less on track with a few minor setbacks.


Last night I finally hit honored with the Shattar faction.  I say finally because really the only quick way to get reputation with them is to run TK 5 man instances.  The problem that I was running into is that I couldn’t find groups to do the non-heroic versions of these and you don’t actually get heroic keyed until you reach honored.  To work my way out of this quagmire I completed some quests in both Netherstorm and Shadow Moon Valley that rewarded Shattar rep or Aldor rep (all Aldor/Scryer rep gains automatically rep up Shattar rep by 50% of rep gained…so 250 Aldor rep from a quest gives 125 Shattar). 


Why all this work for this faction?  Well to complete my PVP welfare rare set of course!  Due to recent itemization changes the healing shaman set has the exact same stats as the elemental shaman set.  The only difference being the 4 pieces set bonus.  Due to this change you only need to have honored with two or three factions to get an entire set if you are fortunate enough to have a class that has multiple caster sets.  Non-hybrids will still have to reach honored in 5 factions.


This gave me 5 pieces of PVP gear with a double 2 piece set bonus of +35 resilience.  So my shaman has gone from 0 resilience and 7k health to 205 resilience and 8300 health.  Quite a change that should make PVP much more enjoyable!  I reach 9k armor with a shield so I should have much more survivability.


I still need to upgrade my neck, belt, and both trinkets to finally replace all of my pre-70 gear.  I have a few ideas for the trinkets depending on which 5 mans and heroics I am able to run.  For the neck I was going to grab the neck reward from the Shattered Sun Offensive but since I don’t have exalted status with the Aldor (8k into honored) I would still have a lot of work to do to reach exalted to get the proc bonus.  Taking that into account I may just try and grab an honor neck.  Regardless, the shield reward from the SSO rep is much better than the epic I grabbed from Kara and I can always use the gold for the next goal which is…


375 skinning and leather working.  I cannot turn a blind eye to how over powered many of the crafting professions were in TBC.  Well to clarify only leatherworking and tailoring were substantially over powered, and more so tailoring than LW.  Being able to craft myself a set of bind on pickup items and possibly bypass an entire tier of tier raiding gear just appeals to highly to me to pass up.  375 skinning was achieved last week and only took about 3 hours total from 1-375. 


Leather working is becoming somewhat of a chore.  I am at 345 skill right now and there are no more orange recipe items to make.  Orange means I am guaranteed a skill point whereas yellow is a chance at one and green is a much smaller chance.  The items that I am making right now cost around 15-20g each and I haven’t had much luck selling them on the auction house.  We are a low population server and such.  I ended up mailing about 50-60 items over to my warrior to disenchant.


They changed enchanting to allow enchanters to put an enchant on a piece of paper somehow and actually sell them over the auction house.  I have several “rare” enchants and since it is a low pop server very few others are usually on offering their services.  Perhaps I can turn the leatherworking items I don’t want into enchants I can actually sell.


So not too bad of a month mapped out for me, my current guild is very busy with Sunwell having just taken down Brutallus this week and we don’t run tier 5 content anymore.  Therefore I won’t be seeing any raids with them anytime soon judging by the number of new recruits they are picking up for WotLK.  The new resilience should make the honor farming and occasional world pvp more enjoyable and help me get the dailies done faster as well.   

Hell it’s just nice to have a matching set of gear for one on any of my characters!  I don’t think that will last for very long once I hit Northrend though.


~ by Centuri on October 22, 2008.

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