Blizzard Adopts Obama’s Policies

I had put this up on Tobold’s blog and wanted to post it here as well.  Since like any good pseudo-celebrity he is certainly expected to toss in his opinion on an election.  I will never understand the need people have to share their policital views when they have developed an audience from a completely different medium.


If Obama wins Blizzard should implement his economic philosophy across all US servers.  I would propose the following:


1.  All players are able to keep 100% of gold and reputation for the first 10 daily quests that they complete each day.  The 11-16th quests only reward 75% gold and reputation for that player with the other 25% going into a server wide pool.  The 17th-25th daily quest completed will only reward 50% of gold and reputation gained to that player with the other 50% going into the server pool. 


Players who complete no daily quests that day can talk to an NPC who will award them a givenamount of the reputation and gold earned by the players that are completing the dailys.


2.  Instead of three tier tokens dropping per raid boss the bosses will be changed back to only dropping two.  A computer program will identify PVE challenged individuals on the server in need of free tier 6.  They will find a tier piece for their class mailed to them should they be selected as the most gimp player of that class on the server at that time.


3.  Honor will no longer be rewarded directly for player participation in PVP either in battle grounds or in the open world.  Instead as players defeat enemy players a large server pool of honor points is compiled.  At the end of the week all players on the server of that faction are given a set percentage of the honor points based on time spent online, whether they participated in PVP or not.


4.  The Barrens zone is no longer under Horde control.  Through skillful diplomacy it was decided that the entire area should be turned back over to the native Centaurs.  Players are now able to complete quests for the new owners of the land and there is even indication of the first casino being placed there in an upcoming patch.


Players will have to first grind reputation with the Centaurs in order to gain access to the casino and the various quests there.  Reputation is gained by typing /apologize and target every Centaur that you can find.


Additionally the gathering quests that were so popular with the launch of AQ have been brought back.  These items can now be turned into the Centaur NPCs in the various cities.  Players will earn reparation tokens which can be turned in to purchase various reputation based rewards or for credit at the Centaur Casino opening in 2009.


~ by Centuri on October 28, 2008.

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  1. It’s nice to know that there are some people out there who can plainly see what’s right in front of them.

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