Unwilling Subscriber

So apparently I subscribed to a month of Warhammer Online.  I say apparently because I don’t remember actually subscribing.  I received an email from a credit card company on a card that I haven’t used since around July of this year that my statement was ready.  So I go to the website and sure enough there is the charge.


The last thing I purchased on this card before I paid it off was the collector’s edition of WAR.  Even more concerning is that I remember looking at the account management page a few weeks ago and I don’t remember it telling me that I am setup for a monthly subscription.  I don’t really think that the $15 subscription is worth fighting about.  Besides maybe it will give me a few more hours of low rank fun.


Canceling it was actually surprisingly easy.  There was a simple cancel subscription button and a confirmation page and then I was done.  No 12 step program with multiple surveys to complete like in WoW.


~ by Centuri on October 28, 2008.

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