WoW’s Zombie Sand Box Experiment

Well the Zombie invasion event is over.  Personally I would have rather it stayed active for a few more days so long as they gave some key NPCs immunity to the zombie effect.  There was a ton of clamor on the official forums from both supporters of the event and those who were claiming to be extremely frustrated and inconvenienced.


I think it speaks volumes about the low quality of players that WoW attracts that there is such a large amount of QQ with regards to the event.  Players are so ingrained into their daily routines, easy no fuss travel, and economic mini-games that even something that at most costs them 5 minutes waiting for an NPC to respawn was the source of such vocalized frustration.


Many players just don’t remember how gamers played MMO’s prior to WoW.  I can remember waiting 15-20 minutes for an airship in FFXI.  There were 4 separate auction houses to shop around in which would require 20-30 minutes of travel to get from one to another.  I can remember having to spend HOURS looking for a group and then once invited spending another hour trying to find just the right final member with everyone in the party standing patiently in town chatting away.  Once we had the group it was then usually at least a 15 minute journey to get to the spot that we planned on camping.


In WoW last night we did a PuG Mag and Gruul, after about 10 minutes of us having around 20 players looking for a few more healers players began to drop out stating that they were unwilling to wait and were going to do other things.    Such impatience.  Players like these would never have survived in any of the classic MMO’s out there prior to 2004.  “You want me to stand in this one spot for 3 hours to try and tag a mob as soon as it spawns with 5 other competing groups?  F-this I am out of here!”  I can hear it now.


If we take anything from this it should be that player driven content is both fun and enjoyable so long as you can find willing participants to partake in the activities.  The problem with the zombie invasion was many players did not want to participate on their lower level alts as cities and quest hubs became overrun.  As more progressive gamers clamor for more “sand-box” style game play in upcoming titles the viability of this type of content will be shown.


~ by Centuri on October 28, 2008.

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