Illidan Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night I killed Illidan.  Now I know that Illidan is no big deal for most players and that joining up with a guild in Sunwell makes even Illidan a bit of a speed bump but still.  The significance of this for me is that the for as long as I have been raiding in TBC I had never completed a 25 man instance before.  Let along a full clear of one in under 3 hours play time.


My prior guild skipped Vashj and Kael and never got through BT or Hyjal to take on those 25 man final bosses.  So it was a very nice night.


I grabbed both the Tier 6 shoulders and the Tier 6 chest tokens.  Not bad for someone who still had a few greens equipped.  Also with the final 3 badges from Illidan I had 41 BoJ saved up and was able to grab a nice DPS trinket from the Badge vendor. 


Now with no raids until Sunday planned for the guild, and even then it will just be the main force heading back into Sunwell.  Armistice downed Felmyst and Twins last week for the first time and they are trying to get a repeat so they can hopefully down Muru pre-expansion and hopefully take on Kill’Jaden.  There is even talk about adding on extra raid days if we get to KJ to get him down prior to WotLK launching.


On another note they opened up free transfers off of multiple high population realms onto Azshara.  The server is being FLOODED with new players.  I think a lot of players transferred to these high pop realms after the launch of TBC and aren’t looking forward to life on a high pop realm when 90% of the people online are crammed into two zones.  We literally have had about 20 players app to the guild within the past few days.


Certainly an exciting time for all of us! 


One of the members of the guild put together a really nice video for the guild that seems to be getting some attention.  Here is the link.  Check it out!;12181961;/fileinfo.html


~ by Centuri on October 30, 2008.

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