Open RvR Discouraged by Game Mechanics?

Ok I tried to play Warhammer Online.  I really really did.  I swear!


I clicked on the icon and tried to load the game.  Somewhere between the third (or was it the fourth I lost track) splash screen the game crashed.  Not to be discouraged I dove right back in. 


I log into a rank 9 archmage on some forgotten server and head out into the open RvR areas.  For the record this is the first time I have actually been in WAR for a few weeks so I wanted to see any improvements that were made. 
Joining up with a group of 9 players from Order we ran into an equally numbered group of Destruction players.  Lag crit me for 99999.  I don’t understand how having ~20 players in one area designed for RvR causes my computer to lag so much.  It really makes this portion of the game unplayable.


So I died…and I ran to the healer and got the debuff removed.  Ran right back into the action and 3 minutes later I was dead again.  I ran to the healer and got the debuff removed.  I was preparing to run back out into the RvR lake when a thought hit me like a bolt of lightning. 


Why is there a debuff for getting killed in an open RvR area but not one for getting killed in a scenario?  It’s almost like they want to discourage players from participating in RvR in the open areas.


~ by Centuri on October 30, 2008.

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