Raiding Rewards People who Optimize!!

Oh the shock and horror!  Tobold made a post seen here:

In this post he expresses his disagreement with the changes that more focused members of his guild are trying to push through in order to have some degree of progression that is not based around never ending farming of entry tier content while waiting for PVE nurfs to encounters and sucessive rounds of welfare epcis.

Tobold clearly represents the main block of playres that make up the PVE problem amongst end game WoW players.  They want interesting and challenging content on their terms, on their schedules, and it can only have commitment requirements that they are comfortable with.  Shame on all of the players that min max!  Death to the theorycrafters and those elitist pricks that research optimum specs!  The game should be completely accessible to any fresh 70 regardless of how he specs or plays his character.

My response was somewhat from the hip but all from the heart. Enjoy!


I spent the better part of three years as a hardcore raider stuck in a social family oriented guild.  I lead many of the small jumps that Tobold spoke of in terms of progression and constantly pushed and pushed players further than they ever thought possible. I held the hands of players through their first Kara run and watched them blossom and move onto bigger and better things. 


It was a frustrating and soul-sucking endeavor in which I constantly butted heads with the casual officer core and fought tooth and nail for any changes to help the raiding side of the guild.  Finally it came down to a head to head match where we could not push further into PVE unless drastic changes were made to the guild policies. 


I am going to have to agree with the members of Tobold’s guild that want to change things for the better PVE wise.  It is not the player’s fault that Blizzard designed end game PVE around building up exclusive groups of players willing to play as much as possible together.  If Naxx is like the 3.0 Kara then all the better for everyone.  But if the instance after Naxx is similar to the ramp up in difficulty from Kara to ZA, then I fear that many players will be stuck in Naxx similar to how many guilds ended up being stuck in Kara.


Eventually at some point Blizzard has to draw a line in the sand and tell players that they have to L2PVE to step over it.  Players are going to min/max.  Players that are willing to spec optimally for PVE, gear themselves out with the best available loot from quests, reputation rewards, questing, crafting, PVP, etc, and organize themselves optimally for a given encounter should be rewarded for their efforts.  The decision to punish players unwilling to do the above is a game design decision and has NOTHING to do with the guild members who are simply aware of the rules of the game.


The decision that designers have to make is do we balance an encounter around a standard setup of 2 tanks 5 dps and 3 healers in average gear or do we balance an encounter around 2 protection warriors, 2 mages, 1 shadow priest, 2 rogues, 2 resto shaman and a CoH healer all in the absolute best gear available at that progression level?


I don’t think WoW will ever solve this problem.  Perhaps in some future MMO boss abilities will be tailored to specific groups based on the class and gear makeup of the members present.  The more DPS that a group puts out then the more health and mitigation that a boss will present.  A group that is lacking in a lot of healing power will find that that boss does substantially less AOE damage than if they had brought in some more powerful healers. 


Blizzard’s solution thus far is to spread abilities out more evenly amongst classes and to redo raid buffing to combat class stacking and strict class specific requirements for a given encounter.



~ by Centuri on October 31, 2008.

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