Killing Time in Azeroth


Somewhat of a lackluster few days for me in WoW.  I haven’t really been playing much on my shaman since he is about where I want him to be for WotLK.  If I hop onto my warrior for more than 5-10 mnutes at a time then I end up having to answer way too may questions.

About a week ago I let my casual guild that I have been with for over two years know that I will not be raiding with them come WotLK.  Some time ago I resigned myself to never raid with those people again and I had hope that Warhammer Online would catch enough of my interest that I would not be back. But unfortunately it did not so here I am.


I spent most of yesterday evening playing around on a warlock alt that I had level up to 52 about 6 months ago and hadn’t really touched since then.  I took him up to 53 in Felwood and with only about half of the quests in the zone done I am already halfway to 54.  My biggest problem with him is that my mining skill is only 223 and already I find the occasional small thorium vein that I don’t have the skill to mine yet.  I have a feeling that I will have to backtrack across a few zones to get this skill up before I hit outland. 


I am not really sure how far I plan on bringing up this alt as I have lost interest in him a few times.  Leveling as an affliction lock is just too easy.  I can put my voidwalker pet onto a mob and he tanks fairly well.  I then find the next target and send the voidwalker to him while the dots finish off the first guy.  Occasionally I have to lifetap (convert health to mana for any non WoW players) and drain life or bandage but really there is very little downtime.


WotLK cannot come quick enough for my shaman as far as that is concerned.  The problem with being in such a highly progressed guild is that BT and Hyjal clears are just one night and usually less than three hours.  So you end up clearing BT and Hyjal and then trying to find something else to do the other 5 days of the week.


On a random thought I cranked up my graphics setting to high across the board for WoW.  Sometime in a land far far away I had turned everything way way down to cut down on lag while raiding in MC.  So I had played all of TBC with textures all the way down, shadows off etc..  All I have to say is WOW!  I had no idea that the game looked so amazing.  Being able to zip around in the skys of Nagrand and see the various towns off in the distance with the floating islands everywhere gave me an entire new appreciation for the zone. 


Nine days and counting.


~ by Centuri on November 4, 2008.

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