The Last Raiding Week of TBC

All throughout instances everywhere the guilds that are still raiding are making their final PVE push of TBC this week.  With the launch of WotLK next Thursday this upcoming week will only allow for at most 3 raid nights for anyone trying to push for that last boss.


My current guild just took down Muru last week and cleared all of Sunwell sans Kil’Jaden.  We plan on adding an extra day this week and raiding Thursday, Sunday and Monday as TBC draws to a close.


Really any guild that is still doing progression raiding at this point looks to be in good health for the launch of WotLK.  Regardless of what tier of raiding content you are in, the fact that you can still maintain a group of motivated focused players this close to the launch of a new expansion speaks wonders about your guild leadership and your membership as a whole.


~ by Centuri on November 6, 2008.

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