Where have all the High Pops gone?

I logged onto Warhammer for some tier 2 RvR on my Shaman who is now moved off of the dying server, Tower of Doom, to the vibrant server Monolith.  What surprised me most about this was that there were absolutely no high population servers at that time. 

It was a Thursday night around 8:00 CST and there were no servers with queues to login.  No servers that were even set to “high” by whatever scale that Mythic uses.  It is certainly shocking to think that that many players have left the game for now.

On another note I did get in about 2 hours of play time strictly in open RvR areas.  So it seems that players are at least responding to the changes that Mythic is making to encourage open RvR at lower tiers.


~ by Centuri on November 7, 2008.

One Response to “Where have all the High Pops gone?”

  1. People are mad…

    All I hear currently are angry people talking about the changes that are currently being tested on the PTR.

    Ranged DPS so completely overpowers the rest of the classes that many scenarios have become not fun. Being on the destruction side and loading in to find 6 or more Bright Wizards is just not an entertaining prospect at the moment. Then they are making them more powerful? Come on…

    Add that into the fact that each tier has a “favored” scenario. Having to see Tor Anroc in tier 3 90% of the time was annoying. Now in tier 4 it has become Serpent’s Passage. The lower tiers were more entertaining, back when you had to actually be in the “realm” of the scenario to participate in it.

    That being said, I too noticed that there has been no server that has been listed as High even once over the past few days. My server, who was once High Destruction and low Order is now Med/Med. The game itself has potential, but the overwhelming imbalance and difficulty to easily level because of the lack of quests and decent scenario queue times has forced people to step back. My original guild exploded recently because the majority of the leadership decided to stop playing until 1.05 gets put live.

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